Chongqing Hongyu Friction Products Co.,Ltd.


CERAMICS Sensitive brake, peculiar titanium brake stripes, efficient brake without run-in period, supper wear-resisting,80,000 KM safety brake, good effects of DTV, comfortable, more than  100,000 KM of rotor use life.
NAO Comfortable brake, good dual joint, good effects of NVH and BLOCK WEAR, fewer dust, 50,000-80,000 KM safety brake, all environmental protection materials, meeting the requirements of EURO ELV.
Especially suitable for urban road
Low-Metallic High friction factor, low noise, good brake fade, breaking length shortening 15%-20%, meeting the requirement of AMS and ECE R13
Especially suitable for freeways
Semi-Metallic Sensitive brake, good brake fade and wading restoration, also low noise and highly cost-effective.
Especially, suitable for bad condition roads.
No Copper Friction Metallic Newest generation friction material, using HYBRIDIZE technology for producing, good environmental protection, no copper and other heavy metals, comfortable brake, no noise, fewer dust, good dual joint.
Especially suitable for luxury cars.
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